Mateo Bratt’s Birthday

Benjamin’s son, Mateo, turns 10 today. Happy birthday, Mateo!  :happybday:

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‘Ride Along 2’ Trailer

Universal Pictures has released Ride Along 2 trailer via their official YouTube account, with Benjamin Bratt appearing briefly.

Ride Along 2 – Official Trailer (HD)

After establishing Ice Cube and Kevin Hart as the Alpha dog and his “mate” in the initial Ride Along, the upcoming sequel does what so many sequels before it have tried to do: Take the show on the road. In an effort to get closer to a powerful drug supplier (Benjamin Bratt), Atlanta police partners James (Cube) and Ben (Hart) must venture down to Miami and pose under various undercover guises to bring the case to closure. Of course, the incompetent Ben slows James down, and even the help of local colleagues like Maya Cruz (Munn) or A.J. (Jeong) can’t help the mismatched duo.

Ride Along 2 will be released on January 15, 2016.

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Some News About ‘Special Correspondents’

Netflix movie Special Correspondents – featuring >Benjamin Bratt along with Eric Bana – started filming in Toronto, Canada, on May 15. Principal photography will complete in New York City on July 3. Special Correspondents will debut on Netflix next year.

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Benjamin Bratt Cast In Bold Films’ ‘Shot Caller’ & Netflix’s ‘Special Correspondent’

Benjamin Bratt has just been cast in the satirical comedy Special Correspondent and in Shot Caller.

In Special Correspondent Benjamin Bratt will play a TV anchor opposite Eric Bana,  a New York based radio journalist whose arrogance and decadent lifestyle has hindered his career. With his job on the line, he fakes frontline war reports from the comfort of his hideout above a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.

In Shot Caller Benjamin Bratt will star as Sanchez, a member of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Gang unit who is determined to make a career bust. He tracks a newly released prison gangster forced by gang leaders to orchestrate a major crime with a rival gang on Southern California streets. Shot Caller started shooting this week in New Mexico.

Both Special Correspondent and Shot Caller are due in 2016.

Benjamin Bratt Joins Bold Films’ ‘Shot Caller’ & Netflix’s ‘Special Correspondent’

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Benjamin Bratt Back On ‘Modern Family’

Benjamin Bratt is back as Javier Delgado on tonight’s episode of Modern Family, Patriot Games, airing on ABC at 9/8 c.



Alex’s worst nightmare is realized when she gets news that she has to share the Valedictorian title with her number one competitor, Sunjay! Both sets of parents get equally caught up in the rivalry and convince Principal Brown to let them break the tie via a gym grade they both have not completed – a one mile run. Elsewhere, Gloria is studying for her upcoming U.S. citizenship test and a visit from Javier throws her off her game, and Mitch and Cam blindly agree to join a protest against a local restaurant that they are actually secretly excited about.

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‘The Infiltrator’ Filming in Tampa Bay

The Infiltrator – due out next year and featuring Benjamin Bratt as Roberto Alcanio – started filming around Tampa, FL.

Stars have been spotted in filming locations and enjoying the area:

Social media shows Leguizamo, Bratt and other “Infiltrator” stars enjoying Tampa

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Benjamin Bratt Returning to ‘Modern Family’

Benjamin Bratt will be back as Javier Delgado on Modern Family in the episode Patriot Games, airing on Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

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Benjamin Bratt & Talisa Soto’s Wedding Anniversary

Benjamin and his wife, Talisa, are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary today. I’d like to wish them a happy anniversary and all the best for their future.

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Talisa Soto’s Birthday

Talisa Soto, Benjamin’s wife, is having birthday today, so I’d like to wish her
Happy Birthday! :happybday:

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Benjamin Bratt Returning to ‘Modern Family’

According to the Entertainment Weeky, Benjamin Bratt will return as Javier Delgado, Gloria’s charming ex, in an episode of Modern Family likely airing in late April or early May, Javier winds up causing a fuss when he finds out that Gloria is applying to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Benjamin Bratt, Andy Daly returning to ‘Modern Family’

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