Benjamin Bratt at the 90th Annual Academy Awards

Here are pictures and a video of Benjamin Bratt and his wife, Talisa Soto, arriving at the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

He’s back! Benjamin Bratt takes Bond girl wife Talisa Soto to Academy Awards…

Benjamin Bratt hits the Oscars red carpet with wife Talisa Soto

Coco – where Benjamin Bratt voiced Ernesto de la Cruz – won two Oscars, one for Best Animated Feature Film and another for Best Original Song (for Remember Me).

‘Star’, Season 2, Episode 7, On TV Tonight

A new episode of Star will air on Fox tonight. The title of the episode is Ghetto Symphony.



Star’s jealousy finally kicks in when Noah and Alex begin spending more time together, both inside and outside of the studio. Ayanna throws a curveball, moving the showcase date up, giving everyone only two weeks to prepare. Worried about Cotton, Carlotta and Jahil team up to get to the bottom of her recent change in behavior. Meanwhile, Maurice steps in to help Noah get back on his feet, when he notices him struggling to catch a break.

Benjamin Bratt Talks ‘Coco’

As  ‘Coco’ will be released in US theaters tomorrow, Benjamin Bratt had the opportunity to talk ‘Coco’, where he gave his voice to Ernesto de la Cruz.

Benjamin Bratt “Deeply Moved” By ‘Coco’ Images And Pixar Collaboration

Benjamin Bratt says his new film ‘celebrates this idea that we all come from somewhere’

Interview with Benjamin Bratt from Coco

Benjamin Bratt on Playing Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco

Q&A With Benjamin Bratt From Coco #PixarCocoEvent

10 Memorable Moments with Benjamin Bratt, Disney Pixar Coco’s Ernesto de la Cruz

‘Star’, Season 2, Episode 6, On TV Tonight

A new episode of Star will air on Fox tonight. The title of the episode is Faking It.



With all of the flack the label is catching from the tragic police incident, Ayanna must quickly restore Midtown’s image. Desperate for a spot in the showcase, the girls work on convincing hot recording artist Joyce Sheree to sing a featured verse on one of their songs. In other events, Carlotta continues to fight for custody of Simone; a misleading photo of Noah and Alex goes viral; Cotton juggles two relationships; and Brody’s motivation for returning to Atlanta is revealed.

‘Star’, Season 2, Episode 5, On TV Tonight

A new episode of Star will air on Fox tonight. The title of the episode is May the Best Manager Win.



Ayana is quickly reminded of the tremendous pressure she is under to make her family proud when her father—a legendary music label executive—pays a visit to Midtown. Alex continues to be haunted by her lies to Derek; Star and Simone differ on how best to deal with Brody’s mysterious return; and Noah faces a tense encounter with the police during an event thrown by the label. Meanwhile, Jahil works on a plan to debut a new duo he’s discovered, featuring his nephew, Angel, and Ayanna’s assistant.