Benjamin Bratt Saves the World in ‘E-Ring’

While surfing the Internet this morning (today is one of those days for me when you don’t feel like doing anything ;) ), I ran into an old but interesting interview with Benjamin about ‘E-Ring’ (it dates to 17 November, 2005).

Benjamin Bratt Saves The World in ‘E-Ring’

Last Spring, I had the chance to watch all of the 22 episodes of ‘E-Ring’ shot last and liked them very much, though it ends leaving too many unanswered questions, as season 1 was clearly written to be followed by another season. ‘E-Ring’ was a good series (good storyline, well-thought characters, well-chosen actors) and it is a pity it wasn’t picked up for further seasons. Actually, I’m still trying to understand why a whole season was produced and then only half of it was aired at the time (I guess I could watch it in its entirety just because networks had to pick something to broadcast in a period when there was little to choose from, considered that the writers’ strike resulted in a delay in the production of new series last winter).

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  1. Hello all — here’s a thought or two about “E-Ring”:

    The biggest reason that the show only aired half the episodes seems to be that the network, NBC, was desperate for a big hit — NBC has “fallen” a long way from the prestige associataed with classic TV like “Seinfeld,” “LA Law,” the first 9 years of “Law & Order,” etc. When “E-Ring” didn’t rise to that challenge, in its original time slot or in the three or four other slots they tried, someone in power must have decided to cut the network’s losses.

    Plus, despite the good things Fran mentions, some of the plots and most of the writing took on a fairy-tale quality, just too good or too silly to be true. One episode I really liked, for example, found J.T. stranded in the wilderness of Iraq, and a local shepherd happens to find him. The shepherd just happens to speak fluent English, and J.T. — who is an atheist — just happens to know a lot about Islam and tells the shepherd about the time to pray and the direction of Mecca from there. Some bookmark or paperclip just happens to be in a nearby Qu’ran (and given the honor that Islam gives to its holy book, why would someone put something inside it anyway?!), and that item ends up helping J.T. to get free. 8-o

    Benjamin’s more recent television work has usually not been as good as his “L&O” work — he makes the most of what he receives, but what he receives just isn’t consistently stimulating :huh:… in my view! And while I’m frustrated, I keep watching! :drool:

  2. I think you’re right, Teresa, about ‘E-Ring’ being canceled because it was not the hit NBC expected or wished it to be. Actually, I know of series canceled after only four or five episodes were aired by networks other than NBC, so I guess it is a widespread policy to cancel series, if they’re not instant hits, though the money to produce a whole season has already been spent.

    Anyway, I also perceived as an inconsistency that the shepherd who finds JT in the wilderness of Iraq speaks fluent English, though even aliens Aliens in Sci-Fi movies usually speak English (yes, I know that credibility is not necessarily what Sci-Fi is about), so why not having an Iraqi shepherd speak it? ;) I did not find it amazing that JT happens to know a lot about Islam in spite of his being an atheist, as I met people in real life who know a lot about religions, though they are atheists or agnostic.

    Honestly, as far as TV is concerned, I think there is a generalized lack of ideas. I’ve seen few series of late that are original and well-done, and really stand out.

  3. First of all BB will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show next

    Ellen this week

    I have to say that I would never have watched E-Ring in a million years if it wasn’t for Benjamin. I much prefer The Cleaner. And even though The Cleaner will never be as popular as L&O (I’m just saying it’s not likely :wink1_tb:) it’s essentially BB’s show whereas in L&O he had a somewhat small part that didn’t tell much about his acting abilities.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up about Benjamin’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kati.

    I like The Cleaner better than E-Ring, too, and L&O is one of the best shows ever. BTW, I don’t think that its producers expect The Cleaner to become as popular L&O.

    Anyway, would I have watched E-Ring if Benjamin wasn’t in it? Most likely, yes, if not else because though it is not perfect. it stood out amidst an unbelievable quantity of medical dramas that are starting to be bored and annoyed by.

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