Benjamin Bratt on Live with Regis and Kelly

Benjamin is due to be interviewed on “Live with Regis and Kelly” – a syndicated morning show on broadcast television in USA – on Monday, September 1, 2008. Benjamin seems to like to interact with them, as he’s been Regis and Kelly’s guest several times in the past 10 years.

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Thanks, Teresa, for the heads-up.

5 thoughts on “Benjamin Bratt on Live with Regis and Kelly”

  1. That’s too bad, Lisa!
    Unfortunately, it plays on a day and time when I had to work and couldn’t tune in to see it. :(
    Hope someone got to see it and can tell us about it.

  2. Hello all — just a quick report-out from the interview:

    Benjamin seems to have a style when he appears on this show — he sits in his chair a certain way, holds his hands a certain way, jumps off the chair at least once while telling a cute story … In that respect, it was “the same old same old” — which I absolutely adore! :wub:

    He chatted about Sophia starting preschool very soon (but no mention of her special needs) — both he and Talisa are nervous about it, and he asked Kelly for her ideas and experience on one’s children going to school.

    He also mentioned that Mateo is using the word “booty” as his “word of the week” (also mentioned during the Jimmy Kimmel interview, if I remember right) — it’s funny to hear the little one using it in the most unlikely places (“For lunch, I want a peanut butter and booty sandwich” ), so Ben is a little unsure whether to laugh or to ignore in hopes that Mateo will discover another, less risqué “word of the week.”

    Ben also discussed his joy at making furniture and doing other manual jobs around the house. He likes having the kids participate (while hoping that, being so young, they won’t make a mess of anything). Apparently it’s quite a turn-on for Talisa to have such a handyman around: Ben notes that all he has to do is climb a ladder and swing a hammer in the air, and he “gets lucky”!

    They featured a clip from “The Cleaner” where the son and daughter have listed all the activities they want to stop doing so that they can be with their father more … I don’t recall the episode involved (I don’t always get to see the show), but it was an example of the difficulties the family faces.

    (From that segment, I got a little concerned — it seems like the kids are trying to “repair” the parent, taking on a responsibililty that truly isn’t theirs … I personally would have preferred to see William tell the kids that he’ll keep working on himself, and the kids should have a nice childhood instead of looking for solutions to his problems. Then, with the kids out of the room, he and his wife could discuss how they could work this out … or he could talk to God about it. So, if the writers would like to hire me as their senior consultant …. :king: :laugh: )

  3. Thanks for reporting about Regis and Kelly’s interview with Benjamin: it must have been fun to watch and I hope a clip will turn up somewhere, so that I (and anyone who missed it) can watch it.

    As for the clip from The Cleaner, it is not from any of the episodes that I’ve watched so far, but I have not seen this week’s one (episode 8, which first aired on Tuesday, September 9) yet; from how the story is evolving, I guess that that scene may be from this week’s or next week’s episode. I agree with you though, Teresa, that it looks like the Ben and Lula are taking responsibilities bigger that themselves and behaving like adults when they aren’t yet.

  4. Just a short note to let you know that I watched episodes 8 and 9 and the scene where Ben and Lula have listed all the activities they want to stop doing so that they can be with their father more wasn’t there either (contrarily to what I expected).

    Well, they are probably trying to make people curious and keep them watching The Cleaner.

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