Benjamin Bratt on the Bonnie Hunt Show

Benjamin will appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 (The Late Night TV Page – Talk Show Guest Listings).


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BTW, at the time of my writing this there are stil tickets available for September 23, so if there are some Benjamin fans living near Culver City, CA, (where the show is taped, at The Culver Studios) and are interested in seeing him in person, they can get tickets.

5 thoughts on “Benjamin Bratt on the Bonnie Hunt Show”

  1. Hello everyone — here’s a bit of a report-out:
    This was my first time seeing this show, and something about Bonnie’s style was strange to me, but it was a great time with Ben!  He came onto the main stage by sliding down a pole, like the U.S. firefighters do.  (Bonnie’s set had a main stage and an upper stage with a door, a set of stairs, and the pole.)  He chatted with her about his mother (and her interesting story of immigration to the U.S. from Peru), “The Cleaner,” of course, and two types of entertainment skills he studied as part of his formal acting training — one being juggling and the other being stage-fighting.  The juggling took place (thanks, Fran, for finding and sharing that video clip), and the stage-fighting took place too — I didn’t get to see it, since I’d set my VCR to end the recording rather early.
    Three closing thoughts:
    – Ben is such an interesting talk show guest — always something funny or unique.
    – He’s certainly looking and acting younger than his 45 years — I always feel light and energetic watching him.
    – Finally, I have a theory about all these promotional visits  in connection with “The Cleaner”:  since the show is offered several times a week on cable, regular promo visits end up encouraging people to watch all the offerings.

  2. Thanks for the report, Teresa.
    I usually don’t watch talk shows (I go for series, films, or documentaries when I switch my TV on) unless there is someone on that I’m interested in, so I can’t comment on Bonnie’s style, though she sounds like a fun lady.
    Isn’t it great how Benjamin can always be funny or unique as a talk show guest? It is not that common.
    I agree with you, Teresa, on Benjamin looking and acting younger than his age – even when he elaborates on topics that would normally make me feel sad, I’m mostly left feeling light and energetic after watching him, too.
    You have a point about the promotional visits in connection with “The Cleaner” being aimed at encouraging people to watch all the offerings. Networks can be very quick to cancel a show, if it is not as successful as they hoped it would be, and this is not the case with “The Cleaner”. So my guess is that A&E must be happy with how “The Cleaner” is doing and just trying to keep attention high on it (I’d love it, if they produced another season).

  3. Thanks for the report Teresa :smile_wp: ! I was a bit upset when it turned out that neither Bonnie’s nor Ellen’s show could be watched online (and neither episode was on Youtube) :evil: .

  4. I was disappointed, too, when it turned out that neither Bonnie’s nor Ellen’s could be watched online and neither episode was on YouTube, available for those who could not watch them when they were on TV. There are short clips out there, but they chose moments that don’t give much of an idea of what was talked about, though they made the show entertaining.

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