Benjamin Bratt & Talisa Soto’s Wedding Anniversary

Benjamin and his wife, Talisa, are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary today. I’d like to wish them a happy anniversary and all the best for their future.

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  1. Have you ever met Ben? I have always liked him and then last week saw The Mission and fell madly in love with him-he was wonderful in it
    I found your site and its terrific. I love how you have everything categorized and your monthly posts about Ben’s appearances and tv and movie roles is so great as I want to see him in anything I can!
    I love the candid shots in Photo Gallery
    I think I now know almost everything about him though was not aware he has a daughter with special needs, was it a brain injury when she was born?

    1. Unfortunately, I’ve never met Ben, though I wish I had (but I don’t despair, perhaps I will meet him one day). I first noticed ben in Law & Order (my favorite procedural show) almost a life ago and immediately thought he is talented (and incredibly good looking) and followed his career ever since. I loved La Mission, too: great story and Ben was really wonderful in it. I hope Ben will team up with his brother Peter for another movie.
      Yes, Ben’s daughter allegedly suffered a brain injury at birth. I hope Ben sharing this very private detail about his daughter’s disability and how he and his wife dealt with is a source of hope and courage for other families in the same situation.
      Again, I’m happy you like the site. WordPress has been of great help in categorising the posts.

  2. i never watched him on law and order until a few years ago in reruns and
    for me it doesn’t show off his range as an actor though he looks incrediably hot!!
    what do you recommend for his movies? I loved him in Miss Congenality but i think The Mission is going to be hard to beat
    never saw Blood in Blood out—it sure looks as tho he had a nose job after that!
    have you seen all his movies?
    I love his look in The Cleaner best of all!!

    1. If you haven’t seen Pinero yet, I’d definitely recommend it: it stands out there for me as the best of Ben’s movies along with La Mission. I loved Miss Congeniality, too: it is usually the movie I go to when I need some light-hearted comedy.
      Blood In Blood Out is an epic and a good portrait of what life could have been life for LA gang members in the 1980s, I guess. It is very long (3 hours, I remember it right), so be sure to see it to have a long evening off before going for it.
      Actually, Demolition Man is the only one of Ben’s movie I didn’t like, though this has more to do with Sylvester Stallone being in it than Ben, because I so dislike Sylvester Stallone that I trash all the movies he is in.
      I still have to see Snitch and The Lesser Blessed, but I hope to be able to see them soon.

  3. Actually I just bought Pinero from Amazon and can’t wait to see it
    I was looking into The Lesser Blessed last week and it looks like its coming out on video in August – I have it per-ordered
    Love Miss Congeniality and you are exactly right-perfect cozy comedy and funny too!
    Demo man I decided to skip BECAUSE of Stallone-yuck and I assumed Ben wasn’t,t in it much
    What about that film he did with Katie holmes(forgot title) where he plays a cop?
    Also how was the storm one?
    And in snitch he plays a drug cartel guy right?
    I want to see him in a leading romantic role damnit!
    Have The Talk Taped tomorrow-cant wait
    He is soooo charming isn’t he?

    1. I liked After the Storm: it is a bit slow-paced, but is still a good thriller (and a good adaptation of a story by Hemingway).
      I think that you may like the movie Ben did with Katie Holmes (Abandon) if you like thrillers (I do).
      I pre-oredered both Snitch – where he plays a drug cartel guy, as you said – and The Lesser Blessed: I can’t wait to see them.
      I wish Ben was offered more leading romantic or comedic roles, too, because I’m sure he can do very well in them (come on, how couldn’t he? Think of how often he comes out as a funny guy in interviews).

  4. Does After the Storm or Abandon have him in a romantic role at all?
    i will watch both
    so do you have any idea what his next project is? I suppose he will discuss it on The Talk
    those women on there drive me crazy tho–i watched when he was on it from was it last year? He was promoting his role on Private Practice
    did you watch that? I def diidn’t think it was a good role for him on that–i thought the writing was terrible and i didn’t particulary like the Kate Walsh character
    Pinero this weekend!!! Does his wife Talisa play his girlfriend in it?
    wow have always wanted to go to Italy–its my dream vacation!

    1. Yes, there is a romantic side to Ben’s role both in After the Storm and Abandon… I can’t say more, as I would give out too much of the storylines and if I did, I would spoil the movies for you.
      As far as I know, we will get to hear Ben’s voice in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (he voiced Manny) and Latino Americans (he did the narrating) next Fall. I think that if he is working or about to start working on a new project, Ben will announce it on The Talk.
      I think that Ben did the best he could with what he had on Private Practice. In general, I’m not very much into medical dramas and Kate Walsh character wasn’t, in fact, very likeable, IMO. Though I miss my weekly dose of Ben on TV, I don’t miss the show itself, because as it is often the case with long-running series not undergoing radical changes in their cast, I think Private Practice storylines started to sort of coil themselves up.
      Yes, Talisa Soto played Ben’s girlfriend in Pinero.
      Spring and September are the best periods to vacation in Italy.

  5. as much as i am thrilled ben has 2 movies I don’t want to hear his voice–I want to see his gorgeous face!!!
    My husband will be away this weekend so I am curling up with Pinero–can’t wait!
    Did you like The Cleaner? To me that is his best look–the beard and sortof rugged style
    i love finally getting to chat with you about Ben–this is fun!!
    so glad i found your site–it really seems to be the only site out there exclusively Benjamin Bratt!!!
    thank you for creating it
    lets chat after the Talk ok?

    1. I can understand about you wanting to see Ben’s face, not just hearing his voice. Ben is gorgeous to look at and this add to the pleasure of seeing the movies/shows he’s in. Besides, I’ve never been able to truly appreciate an actor’s talent just by his/her dubbing animated film characters: talented actors can say with their face and their body almost as much as they can say with their voice.
      I loved The Cleaner. I liked the first season better than the second, but I’m very sorry it was cancelled: Ben was gorgeous in it and the series was original and well-scripted.
      So, see you after The Talk.

  6. Help me!!
    The Talk was pre-emptied due to bombing news here and I missed Ben!!!
    I am beside myself
    Is there ANY chance you will have video of it?
    How was he?
    I am heartbroken
    Does this sound terribly selfish in the wake of what’s happened here?

    1. Too bad you missed Ben! No, your being heartbroken for missing him in the wake of what happened there doesn’t sound selfish: in the wake of tragic events, I think you need someone or something that can take your mind away from them for a while and not let yourself be crushed by tragedy. :hug:
      I still have to watch Ben on The Talk, because though I can watch CBS on cable, The Talk airs when it’s around dinner time in Italy, so I recorded the show. Hopefully, I can have video to post here.

  7. Oh I’ll be thrilled if u can post the video!
    I’m looking forward to hearing what u thought about his appearance
    Andi don’t mean physical appearance-that is always SO FINE
    An arrest was supposed to be announced here at the same time Talk was on but they STILL haven’t had a press conference about who they have in custody
    People want blood here-it’s crazy and ugly
    Please post as soon as you watch him!

    1. My rendez-vous with Ben on The Talk is going to be tonight (better late than never ;) ) then I’ll let you know what I think about his appearance and hopefully I’ll have a video to post soon, too.
      I heard they have leads and possible suspects for the Boston bombings: I hope they will be able to find who’s guilty very soon.

  8. oh goodie-can’t wait!
    I need my rendez-vous with been as well!!
    any romantic stuff in Pinero? I know he plays a bisexual poet but i’ll take anything!
    well the supposed arrest never took place last night and there was a bomb threat at the courthouse where they supposedly held the person
    they now have a photo of 2 men that they are looking for-both middle eastern
    the news is hinting at Al Queida ties

  9. Pinero is a great movie: it’s about poetry, family, friendship, love… BTW, I really felt for Talisa Soto’s character: it must have been hard to the girlfriend of a man like Pinero.

    1. I’ve never opened a Facebook page associated to this site, I’ve just have a personal one for myself, but I admit I’m too lazy to keep an eye on (and update) it regularly.

    1. It is still possible that they will put up the episode of The Talk featuring Ben online the CBS page of the show. At the moment, they have the full episodes from 4 to 12 April, but they may add newer episodes.
      I’m sorry your Pinero cd doesn’t work: if it is faulty, you may have it replaced or you can borrow/rent another copy.

  10. Was so bummed but joined Netflix and rented Pinero for next wkend
    Hope it was a faulty cd and not our player
    I’m sure I’ll see Talk sooner or later

    1. You could try and play another cd with your player, so you will know if it is your player not working properly or the cd. I only happened to be unable to play some cd’s borrowed from my local library so far that had become unplayable due to overuse or mishandling.

  11. Damn I’m batting a thousand with Ben lately
    CD player is broken, The Talk not on here and now can’t find the George show anywhere on my TV listing
    Woe is me

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