Change of Domain Name for This Site

I’m posting a note to let visitors know that the domain name was transferred to Benjamin Bratt himself. I have no clue whether he is planning to set up an official site, but I think it is right that he can use his name as a domain name.

I feel like I have a hard road ahead of me, as changing the name for this site is a bit like starting from scratch and this is slightly scary.

I would like to thank Benjamin for allowing the old site to go as far as it did and all of the visitors to the site, that I hope you enjoyed. I would also like to thank those who commented on what was posted or emailed me: I enjoyed interacting with you.

Posting Links in Comments

Following Kati’s request, I’ll try to explain how you can post links in your comments so that a name shows instead of the actual url – that is the address of the page you want to link -, which can be useful to know, if the url you wish to post is long and there is the risk that it breaks over several lines (and paragraphs, actually) when your comment is displayed on the site and, therefore, the link won’t work properly for readers when they click on it.

Ok, here we go. If you want a name to show instead of the actual url when you post a link, you need to use html code, that you have to type something like

<a href=”URL here”>text here</a>

For instance, if I want to post a link to and I want ‘Ben Bratt site’ to show instead of the actual url, I’ll put in the “URL here” section (between “” ) and replace ‘text here with ‘Ben Bratt site’, like this <a href=””>Ben Bratt site</a> (please, include the ‘http://’ ).

If you don’t mind the address of the page you want to link to show, you can obviously just copy your url and copy it as is in the body of your comment. is back online

After a few days offline, is back online, under a new management.

I wish to thank Gailann, who decided to stop running after 9 years, but who took care that the site could continue. I think it must be difficult to hand over something that you created from scratch and that you must consider like your baby to someone else. Thank you, Gailann!

I set up the basic framework to be filled with contents and added pictures to the gallery, but is a work in progress and may suffer from some glitches because I wanted to bring it back online quickly. I hope you bear with me, if the site is not as rich yet as it was when Gailann was still running it. I also hope that some fellow fans are open to contribute to the site with suggestions, news, pics, and anything that can help it grow.