La Mission at Sundance Film Festival, part 3

Here is an interview with Peter Bratt, who is “La Mission” director and screenwriter (apart from being Benjamin’s older brother):

Peter Bratt, “La Mission”: Patriarch, Homosexual and Change

A good synopsis of “La Mission” (I’ve already posted it in a comment under another post, but I think it is worth reposting here) can be found at

La Mission at the Sundance Film Festival

2 thoughts on “La Mission at Sundance Film Festival, part 3”

  1. That was an interesting read, especially the part about sexual minorities within ethnic minorities. Less than two weeks until the premiere, let’s hope for good reviews ;) .

  2. That part was interesting, indeed. In fact, when I read that part, I thought about how much we consider minorities to be separate, while they may overlap and there are people who belong to both an ethnic and a sexual minority. And it is interesting to think about how difference is accepted within communities and how there are differences are easier to accept than others.

    I hope for good reviews, too, and a wide theatrical distribution of “La Mision”, so that those like me who can’t go to the Sundance Film Festival will have the chance to see this movie. ;)

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