Mission Street Rhapsody at 2009 Sundance Film Festival

“Mission Street Rhapsody” (or “La Mission”, as it is listed on the festival site and press releases) – a movie directed by Peter Bratt and starring Benjamin – will premiere at 2009 Sundance Film Festival – running January 15-25 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah – in Spectrum section.

To quote what appears on Sundance Film Festival website, “La Mission / USA (Director and Screenwriter: Peter Bratt)—A traditional, Latino father in San Francisco’s Mission District struggles to come to terms with his teenage son’s homosexuality. Cast: Benjamin Bratt, Erika Alexander, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Talisa Soto Bratt, Jesse Borrego. World Premiere.”

2009 Sundance Film Festival Announces Films in the Premieres, Spectrum, New Frontier and Park City at Midnight Sections

4 thoughts on “Mission Street Rhapsody at 2009 Sundance Film Festival”

  1. I think I should start going to festivals like the Sundance, as several movies I liked were screened/premiered there, and Benjamin seems to attend it pretty regularly (I think this is going to be his third time there). ;)

    Anyway, I hope “La Mission” will be distributed in theaters soon.

    Benjamin must be comfortable working with his brother and wife, if he decided to repeat an experience he had already had before (though it with either his brother or his wife that he had worked with, not the two of them together); Benjamin has even set up a production company with Peter. As for Talisa, I think it is a good idea to use the name Soto Bratt. I know I’d feel uncomfortable dropping my family name, if I got married, because it is a name I grew up with and came to identify with, and it tells about where I come from, so I’d rather add my husband’s family name to my maiden name, to tell about where I come from and where I’m going to.

    Ok, I’m ranting, so it’s better if I stop here.

  2. I didn’t mean that there was anything odd about keeping ones family name (quite the opposite actually :) ), I just thought that Talisa had done just that (kept Soto and not taken on Bratt).

    On a general note I think that this tradition of taking the guy’s name is getting very old fashioned. If people want the whole family to have the same name it could just as well be the woman’s name (wouldn’t it be easier to grow up as a Soto than as a Bratt ;) ) or a completely new one.

  3. I see your point, Kati. Actually, my remark was not really addressed to you personally, it was more of a general one.

    I grew up in Italy and there it is normal for women to keep using their maiden name even when they get married; from the legal point of view, if a woman decides to take her husband’s family name or add it to her family name (but it is really very old-fashioned), she does so informally; she will have to use her own family name for all official purposes and in all official documents (to legally change your name in Italy, you have to prove your name is a cause of shame or prejudice, or that it is really unpronounceable).

    I know there was a proposal to change the present law so that children have both their father’s and their mother’s surnames, instead of their father’s surname as it is now, but I guess it would be more logical to give couples the right to choose which surname to give to their children, if not else for the very simple and practical reason that people would find themselves with miles-long names after a while with a system where children receive both their parents’ surnames (or else, parents have to decide which of their two surnames they want to pass on to their children).

    But I’m going very far.

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