The Cleaner on TV

I’d like to remind everyone that The Cleaner will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, 15 July 2008, on A&E.

Those who can’t catch the first episode (Pilot) tomorrow night and yet wish to see it can catch one of the re-runs scheduled over the following week till the second episode (Rag Dolls) airs on Tuesday, 22 July 2008.

A&E schedule for The Cleaner

Meanwhile, here are some more articles about the series:

Complex role hooked Benjamin Bratt immediately

Star couldn’t believe it, but it’s true

A Messy Benjamin Bratt Insists on Cleaning Up Others

A&E’s ‘Cleaner’ saves druggies


Yesterday night, I was in the mood for some light-hearted entertainment and re-watched Catwoman.

Benjamin-wise, Tom Lone is not my favorite performance of his, but the movie itself is not as bad as many make it out to be and I found myself enjoying it from beginning to end.

Ok, the storyline is not the best, but, honestly, I think that great storylines seldom belong to superhero movies. However, one-liners, the moody, over-drenched colors, and the twisty camera moves and stroboscopic editing all contribute to the create a cartoonish, playful atmosphere.

So Catwoman may be silly, but it is lot of fun.

Mission Street Rhapsody

I’m taking a break from the news about The Cleaner that abound at the moment, and I thought I can share some info about a movie that will be out next year, Mission Street Rhapsody.

AKA as Mission Street Love and filmed last Spring on San Francisco’s Valencia – roughly between 19th and 21st Streets-, it features Benjamin as Che and was written and directed by Benjamin’s brother, Peter.

Che – Benjamin’s character – is a humble bus driver in San Francisco’s Mission District, but in el barrio, he is “EL MERO CHINGON” — the baddest Chicano on the block. Raised on tough breaks, disappointment, and time in jail, he renounced his life of drugs and crime to raise his teenage son. Che’s world is now his son, Jesse, his lifelong friends (the Mission Boyz), and his devotion to lowrider cars.  At “church” in his garage, his gospel follows the Chicano tradition of salvaging junked cars and baptizing them into “classics”.  But Che’s real faith is in Jesse.  Charming and intelligent, Jesse is an honors student bound for college.  Che works feverishly to ready a “to-the-bone” lowrider for Jesse, a symbolic rite of passage. It is also a reminder to Jesse that no matter how far he travels in life, he will always stay connected to his roots. But this connection is shattered when Che discovers that Jesse is gay. In a homophobic rage, Che violently beats his son – “the best friend he’s got” – for being who he is. Che struggles with his reaction to Jesse’s revelation.  In his anger, he loses his son. He loses his faith. He, once again, loses himself.  Enter Lena, his new neighbor. A social activist with bohemian sensibilities, Lena has dedicated her life to ending violence against women.  The two fiery souls could not be more different, yet their mutual attraction is undeniable. A possible bridge to his enlightenment, Lena’s wisdom and strength may be the virtues to help Che find a way back to his son.

Posting Links in Comments

Following Kati’s request, I’ll try to explain how you can post links in your comments so that a name shows instead of the actual url – that is the address of the page you want to link -, which can be useful to know, if the url you wish to post is long and there is the risk that it breaks over several lines (and paragraphs, actually) when your comment is displayed on the site and, therefore, the link won’t work properly for readers when they click on it.

Ok, here we go. If you want a name to show instead of the actual url when you post a link, you need to use html code, that you have to type something like

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The Cleaner, Part 2

Here are some news about The Cleaner:

CBS News

Imperial Blogspace


In case you wish to test your luck, the Screenhead website carries a link to a contests whose prize package includes dvds of The Andromeda Strain, Miss Congeniality, Pinero and Love in the Time of Cholera. The CBS website carries a video interview with Ben about The Cleaner along with an article.

You can watch the interview online from the CBS website or download it from

Benjamin Bratt Cleans Up

As a bonus, you can download a behind-the-scenes interview about Andromeda Strain from

AS – Benjamin Bratt Behind the Scenes Interview

Both files need the divx codec to play. is back online

After a few days offline, is back online, under a new management.

I wish to thank Gailann, who decided to stop running after 9 years, but who took care that the site could continue. I think it must be difficult to hand over something that you created from scratch and that you must consider like your baby to someone else. Thank you, Gailann!

I set up the basic framework to be filled with contents and added pictures to the gallery, but is a work in progress and may suffer from some glitches because I wanted to bring it back online quickly. I hope you bear with me, if the site is not as rich yet as it was when Gailann was still running it. I also hope that some fellow fans are open to contribute to the site with suggestions, news, pics, and anything that can help it grow.

The Cleaner

This is a reminder that The Cleaner – a promising 13-episode new series, featuring Benjamin in the leading role, William Banks – will premiere on July 15, at 10/9C in the USA.

The Cleaner is inspired by the true story of a real-life “extreme interventionist,” Warren Boyd. William “The Cleaner” Banks, after hitting rock-bottom from his own addictions after the birth of his daughter, strikes a tentative deal with God. Now along with his unconventional team, he helps people get away from their addictions by any means necessary.

It is the first original production for A&E in 6 years.

You can check out the series official site,

A nice little interview with Benjamin from the official web sited can also be found at

or download it from

(you will need the divx codec to play the file)

Love in the Time of Cholera, Andromeda Strain, etc.

The last few months seem to have been busy ones for Benjamin fans.

We have been treated to Love in the Time of Cholera – an excellent adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s book – last fall and Andromeda Strain last May.

In the case of Love in the Time of Cholera, it was a friend of mine who dragged me to see it because – in spite of my love of Benjamin’s acting and my being aware that he was in it – I’m not much into Gabriel Garcia Marquez… I can see the artistic value of his work, but I am at loss before his books and I fail to get involved in the stories he tells. However, I loved the movie adaptation of Love in the Time of Cholera. The scenery, costumes, and overall atmosphere of the film are authentic and moving, the acting good and the soundtrack beautiful. But at the heart of the images, there is a love story that is timeless, character traits that hit close to home, and a happy ending. The characters are strange people, but that is what makes them memorable.

Andromeda Strain has not been broadcast in my corner of the world yet, so I ended up ordering the DVD. I consider myself lucky that I haven’t seen the 1971 version, so that I won’t be tempted to compare it with this newer version and I will be able to watch this new version with an open mind.

DVDs are out for both Love in the Time of Cholera and Andromeda Strain. Perhaps, you will want to pay a visit to these projects official sites, and .

Meanwhile, I had the chance to watch E-Ring (all of its 22 episodes). What to say? The show is awesome, action-packed, well-researched, well-written, well-acted and it is a pity that it was cancelled. Perhaps, the main characters are not really heros, if characters need to operate completely autonomously to be considered heroic, but I’ve seen point out that J.T. – Benjamin’s character – and his colleagues (including bosses Col. McNulty and Samantha Liston) direct others to do the work but need to get approval from above for that work to be carried out. In other words, they don’t DO anything themselves. Though slightly arrogant and naive, J.T. comes off as a true crusader who is learning to work the system to get very heroic things done. Along the way he designs some pretty creative military missions. I won’t tell you how the series ends, in case you haven’t seen it to the end, but I was upset by its end and I wish that a another series were produced just to a resolution could be given to the situation series 1 closes with.