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Following Kati’s request, I’ll try to explain how you can post links in your comments so that a name shows instead of the actual url – that is the address of the page you want to link -, which can be useful to know, if the url you wish to post is long and there is the risk that it breaks over several lines (and paragraphs, actually) when your comment is displayed on the site and, therefore, the link won’t work properly for readers when they click on it.

Ok, here we go. If you want a name to show instead of the actual url when you post a link, you need to use html code, that you have to type something like

<a href=”URL here”>text here</a>

For instance, if I want to post a link to and I want ‘Ben Bratt site’ to show instead of the actual url, I’ll put in the “URL here” section (between “” ) and replace ‘text here with ‘Ben Bratt site’, like this <a href=””>Ben Bratt site</a> (please, include the ‘http://’ ).

If you don’t mind the address of the page you want to link to show, you can obviously just copy your url and copy it as is in the body of your comment.

2 thoughts on “Posting Links in Comments”

  1. Hello Ben, thanks for reading this e-mail,
    This goes hand in hand with your project “The Cleaner”
    I would like to show you a short video clip which, in the right hands, could
    provide a great service to America. America is a nation suffering from a world
    of addictions. This clip could hold the key to breaking through theseaddictions. Please watch this:

    If you have an interest in discussing our project “Walking America Through the Steps of Recovery”, please e-mail or call me. The very futureof America may be at stake!

    Tim Horton
    StopAndThinkTV-Boston, MA
    508 341 8292

  2. Hello Tim, thanks for writing.

    However, though I can appreciate efforts to help people break through addictions, I’m not Ben and this is a fan site.

    Your best bets to check if Ben is willing to endorse your project are to contact A&E – the producers of The Cleaner – via their site ( or his agent (Elyse Scherz) at the Endeavor Agency in LA.

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