“Private Practice”, Season 5, Episode 7: Review

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

Amelia’s drug addiction accelerates as she begins writing herself prescriptions; Jake and Addison face an impossible choice; Violet returns to work.


Amelia’s addiction is spiralling out of control. She’s smoking, shooting up, waking up hungover and naked in a hotel room full of strange men. Charlotte tells the practice that she believes Amelia is using again, and most react that there isn’t much she can do unless she wants help. A very worried Sheldon frantically calls police friends and the morgue trying to locate her. I only wish that she knew how concerned he was, but I doubt that would even matter, as she is just not herself right now and is bitter with everyone who dares ask if she’s OK and offer their help, help she desperately needs.

Elsewhere, there are two patients whose storylines are intertwined. Shannon – Jake’s patient – is brain dead following a car accident and 16-week pregnant. Leanne – Sam’s patient – is the mother of two and needs a heart transplant. Sam and Jake fought over donating a patient’s organs and saving the patient’s healthy unborn baby’s life. I don’t think this was a question where there could be a wrong or right answer and I’m not suprised when the doctors bring their personal baggage to work and the line between personal feelings and patient care becomes blurred. Considered that the best they could hope for was a premature birth, possibly entailing a lot of complications, and Shannon’s estranged husband, Doug, unaware that his wife was pregnant, I thought it was obvious the heart would eventually go to Leanne, but Jake only wanted to give Doug the opportunity to decide if Shannon should be kept alive in order to allow the fetus more time to become viable, so I was glad the doctors agreed to wait for the baby’s father to arrive and let him decide. I found it unethical of Sam to talk to Doug about organ donation before Jake could speak to him. In the end, after Jake has laid out the facts for him, Doug opts to let Shannon go and Leanne get her new heart.

Meanwhile, Cooper and Mason continued to bond and Charlotte made some headway with Erica and Mason. Remembering when she spat on a six year old in defense of her son made Erica realize that Charlotte – untactful as she was when she offered Erica money to stay away from Cooper’s life – did what she did to protect Cooper and she has to trust Copper didn’t marry a monster, if she wants the relationship between Cooper and Mason to keep growing. With the help of Wii Tennis, Charlotte scored some brownie points with Mason.

Violet returns to work (officially, as unofficially she has never left the practice), but the condition is that Sheldon has to oversee her patient appointments, and I liked how hard Violet works prove to Sheldon that she will do whatever it takes to get her license back. I also liked how Pete and Violet are now trying to stop bickering and mend their relationship.

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