“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episode 5: Review

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A reality show centered around Sam sheds some light on issues in his colleagues’ personal lives. Meanwhile, Sam’s mother seeks his help after her boss falls ill; and the search continues for a girl who went missing from St. Ambrose.


Private Practice was back after a 3-week hiatus with an episode that didn’t really catch my interest and I can blame it on my dislike of reality shows, on Sam not being my favourite character on the show, or my liking it that Private Practice episodes traditionally encompass everyone’s storyline rather than focusing on a single character (isn’t Private Practice supposed to be about a team of doctors?).

I’ve always found Sam a complicated character. He is a successful doctor and a great friend as well as a charming, handsome, hardworking, high-principled guy, but his stubbornness and blame games never fail to irk me. Sam undoubtedly aims to live up to his principles and do the right thing, but this usually ends in him sulking, angry and disappointed. However, considered he’s always been relatively private, I think it wasn’t like him (to quote Jake) to welcome a reality television crew into his life and I guess he soon starts to regret he did, because though Sam’s hope was to debunk medical myths he’s often confronted with, the show’s producers are after personal drama and are more interested in his messy love and personal life.

Sam’s mother presents the only bits of drama and concern in what is otherwise a stuffy snoozefest of an episode with no happy ending, no high note. It’s only Sam, back where he was in the beginning, alone, directionless and disappointed. He has always been content with his identity as a doctor, a friend, a son, a brother, a father, a granfather, but now he wants and needs more. He’s obviously becoming detached, angry with himself and unfocused.

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