“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episode 6: Review

Apron Strings

In this Addison-centric episode, her role as a parent is challenged when Henry’s biological mother reappears and asks to be more involved in her young son’s life. Meanwhile Addison reconnects with her mentor, who shares a very painful secret.


I’ve still not grown fond of the idea of episodes focusing on a single character rather than including storylines for all of the doctors, but Apron Strings and The World According to Jake were better than The Next Episode.

Apron Strings focuses on Addison and motherhood, be it by birth, by adoption, or by mentor. Several obstacles were thrown Addison’s way.

First off, after eight months of silence, Henry’s birth mother, Judi, gets in touch with Addison and asks to see Henry. Addison is understandably nervous about what Judi’s sudden interest may mean and uncomfortable in her presence, though she does the best she can to appear to be welcoming to Judi’s visit. When Judi asked for a second visit the next day and then showed up with her mother, I really feared that Addison would have to fight to keep a hold of Henry and felt this wasn’t fair. I was actually totally on Addison’s side, when she threatened to disappear if Judi keeps trying to push herself into Henry’s life, but Judiis response was to tell her that she didn’t want to see Henry anymore because it is too difficult.

Meanwhile, Addison finds out that her mentor and teacher, Vivian, is dying. Vivian tells her that she had to give up a child as a teenager and about the pain of never getting to see her daughter again and knowing anything about her. This prompts Addison to go meet Judi at her workplace and asks her to be a part of Henry’s life, because they are both his mothers. Hopefully, Cooper (who was adopted) told Addison what he told Mason about family being about love not blood and that he has always considered his real parents to be those who raised him, not those he was born from: I guess this can be a comforting thought, if she happens about to doubt her decision to let Judi into Henry’s life.

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