“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episode 7: Review

The World According to Jake

Upon hearing that he must meet with Henry’s social worker during a home visit, Jake fears that an incident in his past will come to light. Meanwhile, Addison becomes skeptical of Jake’s needy patient and James continues to pursue Amelia.


The World According to Jake paired well with Apron Strings and offered a remarkable night was spent getting to know just Jake a little better. Since when he came into the picture, I think enough has been learnt of Jake’s history to be invested in his feelings, but as a newer character I’m not sick of his dramatics and character nuances yet, as it happened, instead, with Violet, for instance, and want to learn more about him.

Jake is a conflicted man. He’s got his issues, such as parenting, marriage, and failure. Not unlike other doctors at Seaside Wellness, who seem scared to be happy because they’re either waiting to fail or too apprehensive due to their messy past, Jake is struggling to truly be happy again after all of the drama from his first marriage. In this episode, he’s got to prove to social worker Mildred that he’s a fit father for Henry, so that his adoption by Addison can become final, his daughter Angela is dating a man over twice her age, his patient Megan is pregnant again and having a hard time dealing with possibility that she might yet again miscarry and he’s having conversations with his dead wife Lily.

Besides, there’s the issue of Addison proposing at the end of Apron Strings and now thinking he’s not ready to commit to her due to his answer to her proposal being no answer. It made me sad to see Jake neither accept nor decline Addison’s proposal and hold onto his dead wife Lily, denying himself happiness with Addison and Henry, when it’s so close at hand.

A reminder of Jake’s troubled first marriage and past is his daughter, Angela who is dating her college professor, Eli Wilson. In spite of warnings that he has to back down, Jake tries to convince Angela to end the relationship and eventually threatens Eli to not see his daughter again. I don’t agree with Jake’s actions in this case, I can understand where he comes from. Though Angela is an adult and should be left free to make and learn from her mistakes, she will always be a little girl for Jake and he will always feel like he has to protect her.

As for the meeting with the social worker, it didn’t go very well and Jake is worried because his background check will show that he was arrested and received probation for beating up Lily’s drug dealer. When Mildred walks on he and Angela’s fight, Jake is sure he’s blown it, but Addison believes everything will be okay. However, this storyline may not be over yet. I hope Mildred be able to look past all of the possible arising conflicts.

Elsewhere, Jake’s patient, Megan, is pregnant again after she underwent fertility treatments for the fifth time. Scared that she might lose her baby again, Megan needs Jake by her side constantly. Addison is of the opinion is that he should draw better boundary lines between him and his patients and it turns out she was right when Megan calls him one night and asks him to go see her. Once at her home, Megan kisses Jake and the next day she lies to Addison about it. Luckily, Addison sees right through her lies and stands up for Jake. I thought this situation would be a blow to Jake’s and Addison’s relationship, but it ended up proving to Jake that Addison loves and trusts him and she is someone she can commit to and feel safe with, allowing him to finally let go of his painful past and agree to marry Addison.

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