“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episodes 3: Review

Good Grief

After hearing a patient’s chilling confession, Violet turns to Sheldon for advice. Meanwhile, Addison tries to keep her grief a secret, Cooper and Charlotte adapt to their new reality and Sam confronts Sheldon about his denial.


Between sickness, death, pregnancy and new relationships,  all of the doctors of Seaside Health and Wellness find themselves struggling to cope with change – both good and bad. We learn that there are five steps to the grieving process, but they all come in different times for various people, and we are reminded that we must allow for our old wounds to heal before moving forward. We see people slide into old habits, but we also see true character growth from more than one person, breaking some destructive personal habits to move towards being their better selves.

Violet spends a lot of time counseling other people in a grief support group, whose issues mirrored her own strugles, from being angry with Pete to helping Lucas understand his father is gone. It came as no surprise that Violet ends up lashing out at her patient dealing with anger management. Eventually it is thanks to Charlotte, who is coping with the shock of her pregnancy, Violet gets the breakthrough she couldn’t get from her grief support group or from taking her frustrations out on her patient.

Meanwhile, Addison is dealing with the loss of Mark Sloan and I think it is very much like her to try and mourn him and grieve in private rather than opening up about her complicated past with Jake. It is only after much internal struggle and encouragement from her friends that she finally came clean to Jake about her past. Jake’s response was quite predictable. In spite of his claiming he is not a saint, he surely acted like one: I wish we saw a flaw from time to time, as he is made to be a little too perfect.

The very last scene with Lucas saying “I love you too Daddy” while looking towards the heavens, suggesting he accepted his father’s passing is heartbreaking, but it is the perfect way to end this episode.

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