“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episode 4: Review

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

A little girl disappears from the ER; Addison and Jake butt heads over one of his patients; a new doctor starts at Saint Ambrose; Stephanie asks Sam about Addison.


I think You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone is one of the most distinct episodes as well as possibly the most frenetic of the series and with its ominous title it delivered a new brand of tension and anxiety. A storm caused havoc in Santa Monica and all of the doctors had to rush to the ER where they were so desperately needed, stories overlapped, characters returned, and a new doctor was introduced, James Peterson, who joined the fray as Pete’s replacement and touched nearly every case that came through St. Ambrose, stepping on more than a few toes. Patients included Pam and Todd Reiter, little Sarah Nelson, and Sheldon’s patient Nick Calhoun.

James Peterson is not against making his opinion known and conflict arises right after his treatment of Sarah and her fractured wrist. Based on her medical history, he believes it’s a case of abuse and he’s determined to follow protocol and contact Children and Family Services, in spite of Cooper trusting the family. His determination goes even further in Todd Reiter’s case and thankfully so, because his intuition and his unwillingness to not take Todd’s word that he suffers sympathy symptoms with his wife’s pregnancies and Amelia’s opinion that extra scans were not necessary saves Todd’s life. Despite bumping heads with many of his new colleagues, Dr. Peterson just may fit in.

Meanwhile, Jake and Addison are fighting over a patient of Jake’s, who comes in suffering from yet another miscarriage, Addison disagrees with Jake on the woman’s desire to try again. Addison is behindconflict for another couple, too, when she lets her past with Sam slip to Stephanie, who knew absolutely nothing about it.  Stephanie backs Sam into a wall, lecturing to him about how wonderful she thought he is, listening as he explains what actually happened between he and Addison and how he really likes her, but she says goodbye.

The tension escalates rapidly when Sarah goes missing from the ER. The hospital springs into action to look for the girl, of course. Though I was relieved when Sheldon did not find her with would-be pedophile patient Nick – who is at the ER due to complications with his medication -, but I’m not sure the girl’s disappearance is not related to Nick, I hope it isn’t. What I didn’t expect is that Sarah wouldn’t be found before the end of the episode… this is a storyline that will be back in another episode, perhaps…

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