“Private Practice”, Season 6, Episodes 8 & 9: Review

Life Support

A fight between Charlotte and Cooper leads to trouble with the triplets; Violet consoles a friend who is being advised to take a loved one off life support.

I’m Fine

During a dark moment in his life, Sheldon finds happiness with a new woman. Meanwhile, he becomes increasingly suspicious about his patient Nick’s involvement in Sarah’s disappearance.


Private Practice turned its focus on Cooper in its eighth episode. Cooper talking directly to the camera and sharing his thoughts with us viewers as if he were talking to a friend was perhaps distracting or involving, but I think it helped getting a peek into his thoughts from when he learnt Charlotte was pregnant to the present. In my opinion, it was a good reminder of how much Cooper has grown as a doctor, a husband and a father over the course of the series and it was great to see how Cooper and Charlotte bring the best out of each other.

Cooper is torn between excitement about Charlotte’s pregnancy (it was fun to hear babies referred to as various pieces of fruit used to demonstrate their size) and anxiety due to the risks of carrying and delivering triplets. Charlotte seems nonchalant and reluctant to consider the complications she may have to face and understandably so: as a doctor, she can’t but be aware of them, but it wouldn’t be like her to let herself be crushed by them. What was great about Cooper is that though there were several issues (for instance, Addison’s suggestion to have two babies instead of three) that they disagreed upon, he let Charlotte make the decision. Though I was expecting trouble, it was heartbreaking when Charlotte’s waters broke too early and the first twin had to undergo heart surgery because she did not have a fully developed chest.

We haven’t seen much of Sheldon this season, Private Practice ninth episode focuses on his treatment of Nick Calhoun and Sheldon’s prostate cancer. I’m Fine opens with a flashback from the night Sarah Nelson went missing from the ER, the same night when would-be pedophile Nick was briefly hospiltalized at St. Ambrose, i.e. Sheldon dancing with his ex-wife Laura: it was heartbreaking to see Sheldon go from enjoying his date to being alone in what seemed like a matter of seconds, as Laura decides to leave him once again as soon as he shares the news of his cancer diagnosis. I think Laura’s unsupportive attitude may have had a role in Sheldon’s decision to not tell his colleagues at Seaside Wellness about his being sick and the treatment he is undergoing, but it is a pity he chose to not confide in them: Sheldon has always been friendly and helpful with them, so I’m sure his colleagues would have reached out and supported him in his moment of need.

Meanwhile, Nick Calhoun shows up again and tells Sheldon about the new love in his life, Alyssa. Rather than putting his concerns at ease, Nick’s stories only make Sheldon more suspiciuous that Nick in involved in Sarah Nelson’s disappearance, especially when Nick hesitates to reveal details about his ‘Alyssa’. It was a relief that Sheldon took the risk of lying to his police officer friend about Nick’s confession, leading to Sarah being recovered from Nick’s basement and brought back alive – though surely trumatized – to the safety of her own home with her family. I can only try to imagine the huge guilt Sheldon is feeling  knowing that he could have saved Sarah sooner. I think Sheldon comes out of this episode as someone who’s afraid and losing faith in humanity.


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