“Private Practice” Season (and Series) Finale: Review

In Which We Say Goodbye

Naomi returns to stand by Addison’s side on her wedding day, Cooper struggles with the hardships of being a stay-at-home father, and Violet begins a new project close to her heart.


So the time has come to say goodbye to Private Practice and I think fans couldn’t really have asked for a better conclusion, with love and joy abounding for all of the characters, as they face new journeys in closing their TV chapter. The episode moved fast. Much of the promotional material for the episode seemed to suggest the focus of the episode would be Addison and Jake’s wedding, but that event was over and done with within few minutes.

It was a surprise and a relief that  In Which We Say Goodbye gave the perfect resolution for each character. Addison married the man who seems to be a better match for her than anyone else (BTW, Benjamin Bratt did a great job at bringing incredible warmth and sensitivity to Jake),  Amelia and James’ relationship seems to be heading for marriage, Violet has come to love herself without being in a relationship, Sheldon found the love of his life in Miranda (though her being terminally ill makes the situation bittersweet), Cooper and Charlotte found a good balance in being parents so Cooper is not a miserable stay-at-home father, and Sam and Naomi are back together, re-married and expecting a baby.

When Violet annoucned to her colleagues/friends that she had finished writing her new book and she decided to call Private Practice could have been too cheesy  a moment, but the doctors erupting into disagreement as to whether or not that was a good name for the book saved the day.

I hadn’t been watching Private Practice since day one, I started watching it late and then had to some catch-up to do, but now I think I will miss its drama, humor, sexiness, and general inappropriateness.

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