The Andromeda Strain

Yesterday, while on my way to Paris, I managed to watch part 2 of The Andromeda Strain (the miniseries with Benjamin released earlier this year); I watched part 1 last Thursday.

Though it was not perfect, I liked this movie and I found it suspenseful and well-done. At first i was disappointed by its ending with an interview Dr. Jeremy Stone to Eric McCormack because it suggested that all the work done was for nothing, but then I thought that that I like the idea of the series not having a happy or a sad ending but rather have it closing on dilemmas. Sometimes there can’t be either a happy or a sad ending, but just There And worst of all, it gave the impression that all the work done was for naught. It is clear that you make allowances for the fact that a screen adaptation of a novel can’t be a ‘literal translation’ and that you’re seeing the story through the eyes of the director and I admit I haven’t seen the 1971 movie (BTW, I think it is dangerous to different adaptations of the same story, especially if you liked the first one that was made, as you cannot avoid comparing).

If I had to mention a downside, I’d say that it is slow at times: perhaps, it would have been better if they produced a 2-hour-long movie rather than a 3-hour-long (w/o commercials).

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