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I only half kept my promise to wait until the first 3 episodes had aired before telling if I liked this show because I’ve already shared some thoughts on the Pilot episode.

However, here are my thoughts about the premiere, episode 2 (Rag Dolls) and episode 3 (Meet the Joneses).

Pilot episodes are usually not the best indicator of what a show can develop into, as the theyt are built up to make the show stand out .

However, I liked how they depicted William Banks as someone who is dynamic and well-meaning but doesn’t always do the right thing, makes mistakes and doesn”t always learn from his mistakes. This is very evident in the scenes with his family, whose responses to what he does or doesn’t do are very real. Akani was a bit too flirty and sexual and Swenton a bit too comical, but they were interesting enough to want to know more.

“Rag Dolls” (slang for female surfer) tells of Jackie, an 18-year-old surfing enthusiast whose sudden erratic behavior made her mother afraid that she was using drug despite the fact that her drug tests are negative. William Banks discovers that the young woman is involved in the dangerous work of a drug mule.

The episode was stong and emotional; it gave the recurring cast the chance to show their talents, while continuing to interweave the story of William Bank’s mission an two worlds by interweaving the story of his mission with that of his family. Banks’ team action is mostly savvy, but they do make mistakes; some are serious, others makes you smile.

The third episode of The Cleaner, “Meet the Joneses”, tells of a suburban husband who comes to William Banks, seeking help for his wife – a hot-shot lawyer who gave it all up to become a full-time wife and mother -, who is still taking pain medication long after she healed from a skiing injury. William and his team discover that the woman is not only using pain medications, but also that she is part of an elaborate suburban drug ring.

Meanwhile, his wife gives William Banks more responsibilities at home, which he tries to fulfill, but when duty calls, he’s out the door. And there’s something seriously brewing between William and his son.

So what I am trying to say? That I like the show and am happy that it is getting viewers who seem to like it, too.

Finally, don’t forget to watch “Chaos Theory” – The Cleaner fourth episode – this week.

2 thoughts on “The Cleaner”

  1. So what DO people think of The Cleaner? I like it. I liked the second and third episodes best because there was a bit of mystery added to the story and it was interesting to see how the whole thing would turn out. I did not like the pilot episode and Chaos as much because it lacked that mystery to solve. The actors are good and the story lines have been good. I hope they don’t cancel it.

  2. I loved the first three episodes. I haven’t seen the 4th and the 5th as I’m on holiday at the moment. I think I’ll post my thoughts about episodes 4 to 6 next week.

    Anyway, I’m also curious about what people think of The Cleaner, so thoughts are welcome.

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