The Cleaner finally premiered

I missed The Cleaner premiere on Tuesday because thought I can get the channel it airs on on cable, because – due to my living in Europe – it would have meant for me to be up till very late at night (or very early in the morning ;) ) to watch it and it is not really doable on a weekday. I plan to catch one of the re-runs of the Pilot on Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll wait till I’ve seen two or three episodes before I share my views about the series, but comments are welcome, if anyone has any to share already.

Meanwhile, here is a blog of a viewer sharing her views on The Cleaner:

Angelika: The Cleaner

9 thoughts on “The Cleaner finally premiered”

  1. The Cleaner:
    Excellent first episode. Benjamin Bratt is an amazing actor and very very easy on the eye. His ability to create a well rounded character that is strong and at the same time vulnerable–is quite impressive. The supporting cast balances out the episode. In less than forty minutes the audience is able to connect with each character.

    Directionally, however, I found it a little heavy handed. The lighting choices were a bit much. I got that the DP is trying to make the television show look cinematic and veer away from the stock three camera “network” look but let’s ease up a bit. The writing was a little clunky. I know it’s hard to get in all the set up exposition but smoother transitions could have been achieved. When Bratt’s character talks to God, those are some of the best moments. The casting choices make aim for a globalized balance because God forbid there should be two hispanics as the lead characters or that his wife would be African-American. Oh, no, that would never do for the suits. When are we ever going to grow up? All in all, Cleaner is a keeper. I’ll be watching. I love Benjamin Bratt or as I call him in my head–“BB”

    Great Blog!

  2. I managed to see the first episode. It cost me a sleepless night waiting for it to begin, but it was worth it, and what a relief not to be stuck with the umpteenth medical drama (which I’m beginning to grow tired of) or detective/legal TV show!
    I agree with Ellen on the cinematic look and smoother transitions would benefit the series. However, I think the episode was excellent, too.
    I appreciate that they resisted the temptation to make William out to be a larger than life hero; William is true to life, instead… a well-rounded character, struggling to keep his family together and be a good family man, while trying to help others out of the addictions he was once victim of. As someone who has a cousin with a history of addictions behind him, I can see the truth of the situations depicted.
    Chapeau to Benjamin for his impressive performance! I admire his choosing to be in projects that may be controversial and do his best in them. And praise to the supporting cast…
    I’ll keep watching The Cleaner.

  3. NEWS FLASH: Benjamin will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live this coming Friday (actually at 12:05 am on Saturday morning, if you’re watching on the East Coast).

    I’m 99% sure that this is Benjamin’s first appearance on the show … but he is so very charming on these talk show appearances, I’m sure it will go well.

  4. Benjamin Pratt – Absolutely amazing job in The Cleaner. Your portrayal is fantastic. Just a fan…not a critic… but as the sibling of two addicts, you are very authentic. Congratulations… It is a show worth watching amidst an absence of quality tv. I appreciate the depth and honesty of your character. Excellent work.

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