The Cleaner Further Reviews

Teresa brought back to my attention a blog entry that I had read earlier on, planned on posting her and then forgotten about (sorry!).

Though I wouldn’t have worded the article the same way (I hope you’re not offended by some of the word choices), the author makes some interesting points.

Here is another review of The Cleaner

Benjamin Bratt stars in The Cleaner

PS: Meanwhile, the author of the blog entry I posted above (the “When will Benjamin Bratt have the career he deserves?” ) wrote an

Open letter to Bejamin Bratt’s fans

to state her support of Benjamin’s career.

5 thoughts on “The Cleaner Further Reviews”

  1. Thanks for the link, Kati. I’ll try to find the time for these interviews.

    I’m happy you like the additions to the comment form. Thought not strictly essential, I thought they were nice to have.

  2. Links to the individual interviews in case anyone is interested (there seems to be a problem with my original link, you need to do a new search with the exact phrase the cleaner). Amy and Brett both say wonderful things about BB, Amy’s interview starts somewhere around 70-80 minutes into the show I think.




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