The Cleaner on TV

I’d like to remind everyone that The Cleaner will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, 15 July 2008, on A&E.

Those who can’t catch the first episode (Pilot) tomorrow night and yet wish to see it can catch one of the re-runs scheduled over the following week till the second episode (Rag Dolls) airs on Tuesday, 22 July 2008.

A&E schedule for The Cleaner

Meanwhile, here are some more articles about the series:

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Star couldn’t believe it, but it’s true

A Messy Benjamin Bratt Insists on Cleaning Up Others

A&E’s ‘Cleaner’ saves druggies

8 thoughts on “The Cleaner on TV”

  1. So the show starts tomorrow, hopefully a good number of people will watch it. At least there’s been a good balance of positive and negative reviews and many of the reviewers have at least liked BB’s performance.

    By the way isn’t it funny how William Banks can’t advertise his service because it involves kidnapping people but at the same time Warren Boyd has no problem making a prime-time tv show about the same thing ;).

    I wonder why it’s so quiet here even though it’s prime BB season with the new show (mainly wondering about Teresa and Gailann)…

  2. I expected The Cleaner to receive both positive and negative reviews. Critics are human and, therefore, bound to look for, notice and like/dislike different things in a show, so I never blindly trust poor reviews because you can usually find someone who is enthusiastic about the same project.

    I also perceived a contradiction in how William Banks can’t advertise his service because it involves kidnapping people, but at the same time Warren Boyd was open to make a tv show about the same thing. Actually, I’m wondering whether Warren Boyd is still running his treatment center: if he didn’t anymore, it would make sense that he is willing to go public about the methods he used when he did.

    Teresa wrote a comment under another post. I heard from Gailann privately and she said she visited here but did not leave a comment; I hope she will sooner or later.

  3. I love ben bratt!he’s a fine actor and I will be watching his new show.I think he falls right there with johnny depp, and others.the shows story line seems to lure me you ben!

  4. So Ben and Leon Ichaso had or will have – it is ‘had’, I suppose, as I think they’re done filming of the first series of The Cleaner – the chance to work together again. I’m curious to see episode 8 (the one Leon Ichaso directed), as Leon Ichaso and Ben made a really good job on Pinero.

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