“The Cleaner” Season 2: Episodes 11 & 12


Standing Eight

An attorney seeks William’s help in getting a champion boxer with an alcohol problem clean in time for a big match. As William and his team help the boxer, they discover that his wife actually has a bigger problem with addiction than he does, but the boxer threatens William not to get near his wife or else…

Crossing the Threshold

A former client of William’s and undercover narc in the FBI calls on William to save his drug-addicted girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of a powerful Mexican drug dealer. William’s world is turned upside down when the drug dealers threaten William’s family and put everyone on his team in danger because they are looking for millions of dollars in drugs which were stolen by the narc.


All the complex things in life plus addiction were there in Standing Eight. The episode shows where some people pick the addiction over loved ones and how you can get to be dependent on a drug or person, despite it’s impact on family/friends/career.

I was hoping Bobby Carmichael would come around, especially when it became clear his wife, Angie, wanted to get clean and wanted him to get clean, but they left that open ended and showed him losing his big fight, which could imply that he lost the fight all around or else… I feel that it as Bobby was losing his big fight, he was also realizing that he could either get up and fight, or lay down and finally try to get help, and let his wife get better, he was having that moment of clarity when it becomes clear to you what is important, almost like the dancer in Cinderella. And though Bobby emotionally dies, because it was his last shot, but he was just knocked out, not dead, so hope that he decides to change his life are there.

On a side note, I was happy to see a softer side of Arnie when dealing with Angie, the Carmichaels’ nanny, and her emotional involvement with Bobby.

Crossing the Threshold featured the classic Romeo and Juliet love story, with John’s and Anna’s love being thwaarted by a ‘dirty’ policeman and Anna’s father, a powerful Mexican drug dealer. Though it saddened me that John dies, I’m happy  that Felix Gonzales does the right thing at the end and lets William help Anna to get clean and change her life.

It was with mixed feelings that I watched how Melissa responded and how she refused to leave when William first told her about possible danger. I can relate to her wish that he doesn’t put his life’s work in front of their family, and put their family first instead. I think she still loves William, but she felt a time has come when she needed to draw a line had to be drawn cannot be crossed anymore and make a stand. However, William didn’t choose to put his family in danger, the danger came to his family and there wasn’t anything he could do about it but protect them – and he was clearly worried about their safety – and she didn’t want it.

Well, I guess this is part of what makes this show feel so real to me. By being real it shows how painful and confusing family ties are with a family member in addiction.

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